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Our Story

DucMeta was founded in 2013 by our CEO, Voronica Verma. The business name was inspired by the greek words ‘Duc’ and ‘Meta’ , meaning ‘Lead from the front’. The name encompasses our company’s long term mission and daily goal: 


"DucMeta’s mission is to provide opportunity across the board; growth for our employees, value for our customers and profitable relationships for our client. All while setting the pace for other firms every single day." 


Since its inception, DucMeta has continued to grow and expand. To date we have garnered over 1 million dollars in sales contracts for our clients and won countless awards for our efforts. Our organization now has a total of three offices and 100+ team members. We estimate that two more locations will be opened before the end of 2018. 


In the past five years we have had the privilege of adding a number of esteemed organizations to our client portfolio. Our current client is one of the largest companies we have worked with to date, as they represent an immense portion of the telecommunications industry in Canada

At DucMeta, our team is motivated by opportunity and we take pride in our work. We work hard, because we want to. We have big dreams and aspirations. We won’t settle for a traditional 9-5 career, - nor will we settle for subpar results.

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