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Comprehensive Training


We provide our team members with comprehensive training that will be provided with on-site training, as well as in-field. To ensure that our team is operating at the highest level, we provide both intensive training and long-term mentorship. 


The training program we have developed at DucMeta provides our members with fundamental sales skills, product knowledge and winning attitudes required for success in our professional sales roles. Our belief in the training program is so strong that we are confident our members will begin to see in-field success prior to the completion of the training period.


Our consistent coaching efforts are the reason that we are the best in the industry. Our members also participate in team meetings and workshops on a daily basis to help hone their sales and direct marketing skills, as well as to further their knowledge base in a group setting. 


We also provide our members with the opportunity to train in other areas of business, such as: leadership development, sales management and recruitment. 

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